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Shatavari Survey

Info about Shatavari

Take the Shatavari Survey Now

Shatavari is a root that has been used extensively in India for hundreds of years to increase milk production. It seems to be quite effective for many mothers and has actually been scientifically studied and found to compare favorably to metoclopramide (reglan), which means it is possible it may work as well as domperidone for some mothers.

If you have taken shatavari ** for at least two weeks,** we would like to know about your experience. We've developed a confidential, anonymous survey that we hope will provide us with much more information about the effectiveness of shatavari in Western populations.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to answer. Knowing experiences with shatavari will be of tremendous value to our understanding its value for mothers who have low milk production. The survey will be available indefinitely so that we can collect as much data as possible.

Thank you so much for helping us learn more about ways to help breastfeeding mothers!

Take the Shatavari Survey Now


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